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Jumping Run Hunting Club

Jones County , NC
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Jumping Run Hunting Club

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ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE: (Home) __________________________      (Cell) _________________  

Have you been a previous member of Jumping Run?                           Yes               No

Was your membership terminated or revoked from Jumping Run?        Yes               No

Do you have a money balance owed to Jumping Run?                         Yes               No

Do you belong to any hunting clubs?       Yes            No

If Yes, list the clubs below:


Do you own any hunting dogs?        Yes         No              If Yes, how many? __________________

Have you ever been convicted of breaking any hunting laws?    Yes               No

If Yes, list the law/regulation violation(s) convicted of below



Signatures of members sponsoring you for membership (three required)

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If admitted to Jumping Run Hunting Club, you are required to abide by its by-laws and posted regulations of the club. You are also required to abide by the hunting laws and regulations of the state of North Carolina. All new members will be on a probationary period until the end of that membership year. During the probationary period, membership may be revoked/terminated any time with no refund. New members do not have voting privileges during the probationary period.

Signature of Applicant: ___________________________________ Date: ___________

Date Accepted into the club _______________________       

 Revision 4  February, 2011